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 We specializes in all aspects of residential renovation. 


We offer each client a structured integrated design process based on the individual project. This process is a collaboration between the client and the design team, which emphasizes the development of holistic relationships where creativity and ideas develop. The design process is enhanced by collaboration between specialized professionals in fields such as architecture, lighting, interior design, acoustics, landscape design, contractors and construction. We coordinate every detail for you.



Interior Design Consultation-Up to 2 hours.


We meet to discuss in detail your design objectives, your hopes and dreams and all the specific requirements for your project. The consultation provides you the opportunity to get accurate, realistic information regarding cost and timeline.


We complete the following:

Onsite analysis of your space. 

Review project goals and specific requirements for your project and project scope.

Discuss your personal style.

Discuss design process overview.

Preliminary budgets

Desired project timeline


Initial design study: Measure the existing space and perform necessary field research. Take necessary photographs; determine client's preferences and requirements


Next steps:

After the initial consultation, the client receives a formal proposal regarding the scope of work and design fees associated with the project.



After the initial consult is complete and you decide to move forward with our team. A project schedule is developed and the design plan begins to take place.


We will help you select all the materials that are going into your remodel. We will put together a complete Installation specification packet of your selections and provide that to you and/or your builder. This step is the most time consuming for homeowners when they are doing it themselves.


Our specification services include:

Floor plan review & space planning

Kitchen & bath design

Cabinet layout & design

Electrical and plumbing plan reviews

Lighting and plumbing schematics

Finish electrical- Lighting Selection

Finish Plumbing-Fixture Selection

Construction material selections

Hard surface material selection and details

Finish selections-Cabinetry & millwork

Furnishings and Interior Styling 

Color Palette Design

Rugs and Carpet

Window Treatments

Wall Coverings



We work collaboratively with architects, builders, and homeowners on residential remodel and construction projects from conception to completion. 

After the design phase of your project is completed, (ie: building plans, furniture layouts, product selection, materials selection, color selection).


We send out the design plan and material selections, plumbing and lighting information to your contractor(s) to begin the pricing phase of the project-next is the construction phase. We can be involved as much or as little as the client's wishes until it is time for furnishings and the finishing touches to complete the project. 

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