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We are available for both virtual and in-person design consultations.

All project outside of Gig Harbor Washington will be done remotley. 

Interior Design Consultation

  Up to 2 hours 

Here is a brief overview of the process:

The consultation provides you the opportunity to meet with us and discuss your project in detail.

This works great if you:

  • Do you have a room in mind that needs a refresh?

  • Want to do a walk thru and troubleshoot specific areas of your home.

  • Are looking for quick solutions for trouble areas--We discuss real resources you can use right now. 

What to expect:

  • Analysis of your space.

  • Review project goals and specific requirements for your project and project scope.

  • Discuss your personal style and goals for your space.

  • Discuss preliminary budgets-How much do you want to invest in your space?

  • ​During your virtual walk-thru we will ask a lot of questions and  take notes. 

  • We can assist you in prioritizing your needs and determine the overall concept for the project. This is a working meeting-it is my goal to get as much done in this consultation as possible. I am happy to answer any questions you have.  


Start with the end in mind — what is your goal?

“Clients often need our assistance with creating continuity. Pulling everything together can be overwhelming,”

It’s important to remember that your selections are working together to create a story. Collect images for inspiration and keep them in one place, such as a notebook, a pin board or even taped to a wall. 


A Pinterest board or idea book from Houzz are also wonderful tools to keep your ideas in one place. Be flexible because your ideas may change over time. As you select potential color schemes, surface materials and furnishings, look at them in groups to make sure that they all work together.

All your decisions should be well thought out and finalized before any construction begins or any furniture is ordered. This is also very helpful when interviewing and selecting a contractor because the contractor can give you an accurate bid and projected schedule.

Design should be fun. If you are feeling stressed or exhausted by the endless possibilities. 

We are here to help. 

The Virtual Consultation 

Our services can easily be completed remotely.

We have several out of state clients (and international). 

We are happy to schedule a virtual consultation or meet and greet to discuss your full service project in more detail.


The virtual design includes (1) hour zoom/Facetime meeting and project analysis 

virtual design three easy steps  (1).jpg

Please Note: The design consultation is an a la carte  service:

Floor plans, elevations of important details, mood boards/concept boards with specific product recommendations and pricing along with detailed instructions on implementing the design are not included in this package.


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